Experience beyond the normal

"The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page." 

- Saint Augustine

Good storytelling is about connecting people with ideas, concepts, and what makes us a culture. It relates characters to the reader in a visceral way. It’s about communicating – our morals, our values, the good, bad, and the ugly. Joseph Campbell said that storytelling was about passing down our hopes and aspirations from one generation to the next. It is how we, as descendants, learn what our ancestors believed in. At its best, storytelling let’s us transcend our present awareness for something beyond the five senses. We imagine, therefore we exist. 


Here's how it works

1. Click Subscribe and  choose a monthly plan - 1, 3, 6, or 12

2. Your Book Box is packed and shipped

3. Enjoy the spoils when they arrive at your doorstep

A monthly Gender-neutral Book Box subscription service. Each curated monthly book box includes: 

  • Two sci-fi, fantasy, mystery, and/or thriller indie/small press books. 
  • Exclusive hand poured scented candle
  • Reusable tin can container filled with mouthwatering coffee bean and caramel candy treats
  • An assortment of cookies and biscuits to enjoy with delicious perfectly blended loose-leaf tea sealed in a reusable steel tin can screw top container.
  • Exclusive bookmarks

Plus, individual book boxes will include various items spread out over our Six-Book Box cycle:

  • Reader and thinker journals
  • Exclusive Reader's monthly calendar pages
  • Ceramic and glass mugs
  • Downloadable audiobooks
  • And surprise exclusive items

Each monthly box includes: A curated box of two books, a scented candle in a round steel tin can container, one tin can filled with delicious loose-leaf tea, another tin can filled with mouth-watering coffee bean and caramel candy, plus bookmarks and special downloads and offers.

The first month box will contain in addition to the regular monthly box items: a tea infuser and a stainless steel creative flower tea spoon. 

The second month box will contain in addition to the regular monthly box items: a copy of the Reader's Journal (The Reader’s Journal is your lighthouse. It’ll assist you with organizing your thoughts, tracking your goals, list who borrowed your treasures and maintain your sanity.)

The third month box will contain in addition to the regular monthly box items: a copy of the Thinker's Journal (The Thinker's Journal is for recording thoughts, notes, and observations. It is a product of the Astronoscout study, learn, and grow series. The format is freestyle with alternating sets of 25-page graph and blank pages.), plus a special one-time use code to download an audiobook.

The sixth month box will contain in addition to the regular monthly box items: a handcrafted ceramic cup filled with yummy confections to those subscribers with six consecutive months of subscription.

On odd months one sturdy 8 x 6 bimonthly Reader's Calendar sheet will be mailed separately. The Reader's Calendar, as a supplement to the Reader's Journal, will help you organize and track your books and reading progress. The sheets are printed with a month on each side.